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Course Rules & Etiquette


Golf attire is required.

Shirts with a collar or mock neck collar should be worn. 

Jeans are permitted if they have a proper hem and no rips.

Athletic sneakers may be worn if one does not own golf shoes.


Rain checks will be prorated off the rate originally paid (depending on how many holes were completed)

Not Permitted

  • Boots of any kind

  • Cutoff Shirts

  • Midriff Tops 

  • Bare feet

  • Exposed midriff and excessive chest

Interpretation and exceptions are at pro shop staff discretion.


Alcohol is to be purchased from Highland Taps & Tables or their beverage cart girls.


Please keep pace of play. If you know you may be slow, consider letting the group behind you play through. 

Four golfers are the maximum number of players allowed. For example, if you have a group of six you may play in groups of three.


**You must have a valid license to operate a golf cart. Only two players per cart. **


#5 South

#15 North

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